Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wow - we took the GOLD on the first attempt!

We were blown away when it was announced that Vilafonte had taken the gold medal for South Africa with our maiden vintage - the 2003 'Series C' which is only now starting to open up and show it's true colours. Great news considering the strict judging criteria of the International Wine Challenge - the worlds largest and most authoritative comeptition authority. We are very proud!


Marketing Wino said...

Well done Mike and the team. A fantastic result considering you only launched Vilfonté into the World market for the first time this year. Speak soon Tim

Marketing Wino said...

Hi Mike, Zelma and Phil,

Congratulations on achieving the Gold medal at the IWC for the series c 2003. A fantasic result considering only 12 or so South African wines received a Gold Medal.

Look forward to catching up soon..



Anonymous said...

Hey Mike

This is fantastic news!!

Thanks again for the wine tasting at WILTONS.

You will be pleased to learn that I am now the proud father of Twins Thomas and jack born on the 23rd of September. Rachel kindly gave me a bottle of the series C as a gift, When I got home we opened it and savoured erevy drop!!

All the best for now

James Grant