Thursday, July 06, 2006

The next big thing!

July is the month in which we are proud to be launching the 2004 vintage of the Vilafonte wines. Zelma and Phil are in South Africa and we will be hosting a couple of events to showcase the wines to the media, the trade and our vluable consumers. We are very proud of this vintage and feel that it accurately mirrors our efforts and the progress that we are making in our vineyards and our winemaking. The nuances of flavour and aroma that characterise the Vilafonte vineyard surface once again and the linear typicity borne from viticulturally significant winegrowing is put on a platform - astounding really and an exciting step forward. We are sure that the wines will show beautifully.
We are also proud to showcase and launch our new sideline project that we are rolling out - the Vilafonte Series C Cuban cigar is an excellent mild cigar designed as the perfect accompaniment to our full-bodied and highly structured wines. Please contact me on if you are interested in participating in our wine and cigar program in your establishment or would like to purchase some for your home. I will publish a tasting note of our exciting new cigar shortly. It will also be on our website soon at

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laficion said...

Dear sir,
You have decribed your cigar as
being made from dominican tobacco
and others.then why is it marked on
the ring "cuban cigar". Who are you
tring to hook?.