Friday, April 13, 2007

End of harvest - it feels great!

It’s a wonderful feeling you get when you look back on three months of harvest and you see all the frenetic activity and all the hard work and it seems to have paid off, but its also great to kind of slow down a little bit and relax and kick back. Its amazing, I feel like I have a little bit of free time I’ve actually got some time to see my friends to do something social as opposed to working all the time and spend time with my family.
I would say that every South African producer is probably finished harvest now -perhaps there might be some late harvest producers who are still going but it seems that it’s all done and dusted.
The leaves are starting to change colour on the vines as autumn approaches. There is a little bit of a nip in the air we’ve got a cold front in the air for the last few days, we had some torrential rain over night and a few days ago, even switched on the heating in the house so that’s obviously the first time that harvest is over and winter is upon us. Now there’s a calm before the storm as I start planning all the travel and the promotional activities around the world the use their company. The launch of the next Vilafonté vintage will be on the 4th of July 2007, it’s a 2005 vintage and we are very excited about it but much more about that later.
See you…

Here is an image of the prosed signage on the back wall of the new winery...

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