Friday, July 19, 2013

Ten days to go till our official August library re-release of Vilafonte Series M 2005

The inevitable passing of time brings maturity – which can inspire a sense of confidence. The fifteen-year evolution of the Vilafonté story has been characterised by a measured approach. Not slow, not rushed, but deliberate. Each vintage has been a chapter, with a specific truth, but the focus has always been on the bigger narrative.
Work in progress - the captivating Series M 2005. Coming soon ...
It is no revelation that our roots have delved deeper, our efforts more established and that embedded knowledge affords the tools to more successfully navigate each season. The passing of time brings experience - which is everything.
Our wines evolve too. The early character of great wine can be misleading. We are easily seduced by youth. Opulent primal fruit is appealing and by its very nature, we find it difficult to resist. But there is more. As we find ourselves delving into our vintage library, our raison d'être becomes ever more apparent. Bouquets of primary fruit yield to more complex and evolved flavours. The emerging experience becomes more intriguing. More dramatic. The character of our ancient vilafontes soil becomes inevitably imposed on our wines.
And so, the Vilafonté team presents for your consideration our long-term vision to re-release our older vintages. We invite your interest in our first offering, the Vilafonté Series M 2005.
Mike Ratcliffe
For Vilafonté 

Vilafonté Series M 2005
52% Merlot, 31% Cabernet Sauvignon 17% Malbec
Release date: 1st August 2013
Release limited to 500 bottles
Available in 2 or 6 bottle presentation packs
Price: R1250 incl. vat per bottle 
(Vilafonté Club Members receive preferential pricing)
For further details: 021-8864083

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