Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A great 2010 harvest update from Phil Freese

A vintage update:
Yesterday, we brought in just a bit over 4 tons of H block Malbec. The processing is nearly completed this afternoon. The fruit looks good; the color release is amazing for just hitting the tank. It looks like we hit ‘physiological maturity’ that I have not seen lately. All of the indicators came together very nicely – analysis, flavors, vine ripeness, etc. That same first read of the vintage seems like it extends, at least, to Merlot blocks – I think we are sitting on another great vintage. All reports from the industry is low yields!
The yield in H was down a bit due to ‘grooming’ even up to the day before harvest.
Weather continues to be great, somewhat unusually cool nights and mild days!
We are picking Malbec V & W tomorrow, Saturday – again flavors and chemistry are terrific.

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Munda said...

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